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What do we offer?

Master Tailoring has been satisfying the needs of their customers since 1963, the year when we were first established. Our priority and soul purpose, then and now, has been one to provide comfort. We build a personal relationship with our customers and take time to understand their clothing needs and concerns to achieve the best outcome.Master Tailoring offers each individual a chance to create their own unique and quality look which complements their personality perfectly. Each garment is cut and sewn to your specific measurements which give it the uniqueness of being yours alone.

When you walk into a Master Tailoring store, we assist you by giving a personal consultation in which we get to know you, your style, your clothing needs and fabric preferences thoroughly. This session is followed by suggestions from our tailors to give your suit the perfect style and fit as each product is precisely designed. A series of detailed measurements will then put our professional tailors to work in creating a piece which is distinct and exclusive to your personal.

Our classic range of textiles enables you to have suits, jackets, trousers, waistcoats and eveningwear made to your comfort and liking. You can be assured that your requirements will be met.

Why us?

What distinguishes us from other tailoring establishments is the level of care, quality and precision that we show from start to finish to all our customers.We believe everyone looks better in clothing made specifically for their shape and therefore Master Tailoring takes into consideration one’s distinctive style and wraps their needs into a perfectly tailored and fashioned garment.